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BioPlan Associates' Ronald Rader

Ron Rader, Sr. Dir. Technical Research: named Editor-in-Chief of Biopharmaceuticals a new peer-reviewed journal from Landes Bioscience. Biopharmaceuticals is the first and only peer-reviewed journal about biopharmaceuticals. Biopharmaceuticals seeks submission of articles concerning biopharmaceuticals and the industry. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief if interested in submitting an article.

BioPlan Associates' Faiz Kermani PhD

Dr Faiz Kermani, Advisory Board: Has helped establish the "Global Health Education Foundation" (GHEF), a not-for-profit healthcare charity to improve educational resources and training for healthcare professionals in developing countries.
At least 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to the most basic healthcare. The new non-profit foundation, Global Health Education Foundation, aims to tackle such issues. As President of GHEF, Dr Kermani is supporting the R&D focus of the charity to reduce health disparities among developing countries. In particular, the lack of appropriate educational resources and training opportunities for healthcare professionals. http://www.globalhef.org

BioPlan Associates' Managing Director Eric Langer

Eric Langer, Managing Partner: On Advisory Board of “BioProcess Asia Pacific Conference” July 2010 Singapore.
The Biopharmaceutical market in Asia pacific is growing at a rate among the highest in the globe. This is creating a strong need for production of biopharmaceuticals at higher qualities and volumes. Bioprocess AsiaPacific brings together global leaders within biopharmaceutical industry to explore dynamic strategies, benchmark technologies and analyze sustaining the growth of the industry. http://fleminggulf.com/conference/life-science/BioProcessAsiaPacific.

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Advance in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China

A Society for Industrial Microbiology and BioPlan Associates co-publication

Every organization has a China strategy, though for many of us it is simply “ignore it.” A great opportunity exists in working with China and implementing an effective company strategy.  However, winning in Asia in the new millennium will require fundamental changes in partnerships between western and Asian companies.  Every company faces the question “What should our China strategy be?” But to neglect China is to forego opportunities to gain efficiency in most of the things we are trying to do.  China provides opportunities that allow us to do different things and not just do things differently. 

This volume provides an overview of the biopharmaceutical industry,  It provides a ready reference for all aspects of the world of biopharmaceuticals in China, including general understanding, detailed technical and business descriptions, and detailed information on all types of organizations involved in biopharmaceuticals in China, whether they be companies (state owned or privately owned), universities, or government institutions.

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Free! Purchasers of Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China also receive a 1-year License to the China Biotherapeutics Database, the only comprehensive English listing of biopharmaceutical products marketed in China.

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  • By the Numbers
  • Abstracts
  • Author Organizations
  • 46 Internationally Recognized Authors
  • 23 Peer-Reviewed Chapters
  • 1,228 Pages
  • 15 Translated Chapters and Case Studies
  • 19 Case Studies and China Briefs
  • 280 Tables and Figures
  • 380 References
  • Over 2,000 Index Entries
  • Current Listing of over 2,000 Chinese Biopharmaceuticals and Diagnostics (database)
  1. Chapter 1: Introduction: A China Biopharmaceuticals Strategy
  2. Chapter 2: An Overview of Biopharmaceutical Developments in China
  3. Chapter 3: China's Healthcare System and the Demand for Biopharmaceutical Products
  4. Chapter 4: China Pharmaceuticals Market Situation 2006
  5. Chapter 5: Biopharmaceutical Strategy in China: An Analysis of Innovation, Financing Policies, Talent, and Strategic Considerations Through 2010 (11th 5-year Plan)
  6. Chapter 6: Biopharmaceuticals in China: A Market, Import/Export, and Financial Review
  7. Chapter 7: Pharmacy and Drug Administration in China
  8. Chapter 8: Regulatory Requirements Applicable to Clinical Trials in China
  9. Chapter 9: FDA Requirements Applicable to Testing and Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products in China for the U. S. Market
  10. Chapter 10: Protection and Enforcement of Biopharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rights in China - A Rapidly Evolving System
  11. Chapter 11: Biopharmaceutical Industry Venture Capital Investment in Mainland China
  12. Chapter 12: Drug Discovery and Development Partnerships: Outsourcing and Partnering with China
  13. Chapter 13: Doing Business in China
  14. Chapter 14: Current Status and Future Prospect of Biogeneric Companies in China
  15. Chapter 15: Biopharmaceutical Products in China
  16. Chapter 16: Chinese Bioindustry Parks: Evolution and Growth
  17. Chapter 17: Organizations in China involved in Biopharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing
  18. Chapter 18: Life Science and Health Science Education in China
  19. Chapter 19: Biopharmaceutical Research Collaboration between Western and Chinese Life Science Organization: A Guide to Prospective Partnership
  20. Chapter 20: Industrial Technology Developments for Chinese Biopharmaceuticals
  21. Chapter 21: Therapeutic Proteins in China
  22. Chapter 22: Vaccines in China: Status of the Chinese Vaccine Industry
  23. Chapter 23: Biotechnology and Analytical Methods in the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
  24. Chapter 24: CHINA Briefs (Miscellaneous Articles)
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  • Beijing WanTai Biological Product Co., Ltd.
  • Business Monitor International
  • CanBiotech
  • Chemical Industry Press (China)
  • Chiltern International
  • China National Center for Biotechnology Development
  • China National Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research
  • China National Development and Reform Commission, High-Tech Industry Department
  • China Pharmaceutical University, College of Life Science and Technology
  • Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Institute of World Economics and Politics
  • Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, National Advisory Committee for "863 High Technology Program"
  • Deacons Hong Kong
  • Fudan University, International Finance
  • MMD Pharmahe
  • Nanjing University, Department of Biochemistry
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of Technology Transfer
  • National Vaccine & Serum Institute
  • Perkins Coie LLP (Los Angeles)
  • Shandong University
  • Shanghai CITIC GuoJian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Tongji University, Investment Research Institute
  • Shanghai Venture Capital Corporation
  • Shenzhen Neptunus Interlong Biotech Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen ZYPH Intelligence Co., Ltd.
  • Sichuan University, West China School of Pharmacy
  • Strategic Manufacturing Worldwide, Inc.
  • TechNova Medical Services
  • Tsinghua University, School of Medicine
  • 3DBGlobal, Inc.