Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in India
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Chapter 5:   Biopharmaceutical Products in India

The biopharmaceutical industry in India has grown over 25% in the past year, and has doubled over the last two years. Sales in 2006 reached US$1.5 billion (fiscal year ending March 31, 2007). Over 60% of biopharmaceutical revenues in India came from exports, which provide a significant driver for industry expansion, as exports grew at an annual rate of 50%. Over 70 biopharmaceuticals are on the market in India, half of which are vaccines. Some twenty firms produce these products. A description is provided of each firm, of the biopharmaceutical products on the market, and of corporate sales.

About the Authors:

Scott M. Wheelwright, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Strategic Manufacturing Worldwide, Inc.

Hazel Aranha, Ph.D.
GAEA Resources Inc.

Dr. Scott Wheelwright is founder and president of Strategic Manufacturing Worldwide, Inc., a consultancy that focuses on bringing products to market. SMW provides technical expertise to biotech and related industries in the areas of manufacturing, process development, compliance, facilities, and business development, with particular emphasis on strategic planning and projects in Asia. Dr. Wheelwright has over 20 years experience in solving the challenges companies encounter when bringing biotech and other medical products out of research and into the commercial marketplace. He has led the development of products for cancer, wound healing, infectious diseases and cardiovascular therapy. Dr. Wheelwright obtained his Ph.D degree in chemical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and performed post-doctoral studies at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. He is the author of a book on protein purification and his published many papers on process design and manufacturing for biotechnology.

Dr. Hazel Aranha is President of GAEA Resources Inc., a company focused on regulatory/compliance consulting and medical communications. She has a Master’s degree in Virology, Ph.D in Environmental Microbiology and holds Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) for the US and European Union. Dr. Aranha is an experienced compliance consultant and a recognized expert in the area of virus/prior clearance from biologicals/biopharmaceuticals. Her 28 years’ experience cover academia, industry and consulting. She is on the advisory board of government/semi-government bodies and on the editorial board of BioProcess International Journal. She has been a speaker, in the United States and globally, at various forums on drug development, manufacturing technologies and downstream processing, process validation and clearance. Dr. Aranha was cited in “Women in Biotech in the Twenty-First Century”. She has written 2 books, over 45 publications, and 4 book chapters.

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