Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in India
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Chapter 4:   Government Support for Biotech and Biopharmaceuticals Industry

The Indian pharma industry is currently worth US$7 billion and is growing at a significant pace. It is expected to grow to US$25 billion by 2010. Exports of India pharma industry with an average growth rate of over 20% is likely to take a major jump in three years from US$3 billion to US$10 billion per annum. Higher growth rate is expected through improved service exports specifically in the areas of collaborative research, contract manufacturing, and Contract Research Organizations providing facilities for clinical trials and consultancy services. With full recognition of the potential growth in the areas of biotechnology and bio-pharmaceuticals, the Government of India has prioritized this area for providing necessary infrastructure support, incentives in terms of fiscal benefits with back-up legislative support to create an atmosphere of confidence among the pharma and the biotechnology industry. A number of programs have been initiated for growth in the biotech and pharma industry through public support at national and states level in terms of public-private-partnership, and venture capital funds to support translation of early-stage research and product development. Necessary steps have been taken to generate the necessary human resource pharma industry know-how through training and education. Necessary regulations have been enacted and existing rules and regulations have been modified to promote research and development, production and commercialization in these areas.

About the Author:

Dr. B.M. Gandhi
Formerly Adviser to the Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology
Neo BioMed Services
New Delhi INDIA

Dr. B. M. Gandhi received his Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway, and his M.Sc. in Biochemistry, Punjab Agricultural University, Hissar, Haryana, India. His expertise is in Science Management/ Administration Scientific R&D. He has worked at the Clinical Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Bergen, Medical Department B, Bergen, Norway. He has been an Adviser, International Relations, Medical Biotechnology and Infrastructure Development, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India; Director, International Cooperation, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India; Principal Scientific Officer, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India; Senior Biochemist, Rajgarhia Liver Unit, Dept. of Gastroenterology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. His fields of interest in R&D include Immunology of parasitic, bacterial and viral infections especially amoebic diseases; viral diseases including hepatitis; liver diseases: diagnostics, food and nutritional health problems. He has published 60 international journals, and 65 National Journals. During his tenure at the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, Member of number of International and National bodies and Committees related to International Co operations, Strategic Policy Decisions, Biosafety Groups, and Research Councils etc. He is today CEO (Founder Partner) Neo BioMed Services, New Delhi, and Consultant (Biotechnology) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries, New Delhi. He is also Adviser to the Centre for Drug Development Sciences, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Coimbatore; and Consultant, Department of Biotechnology, National Institute of Immunology for establishment of Centre for Translational Research and UNESCO Centre for Education and Training in India; He is the Director of the Biotech Consortium India, Limited; as well as Director, EmProCell Clinical Research Private Limited, Mumbai.

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