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BioPlan Associates' Ronald Rader

Ron Rader, Sr. Dir. Technical Research: named Editor-in-Chief of Biopharmaceuticals a new peer-reviewed journal from Landes Bioscience. Biopharmaceuticals is the first and only peer-reviewed journal about biopharmaceuticals. Biopharmaceuticals seeks submission of articles concerning biopharmaceuticals and the industry. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief if interested in submitting an article.

BioPlan Associates' Faiz Kermani PhD

Dr Faiz Kermani, Advisory Board: Has helped establish the "Global Health Education Foundation" (GHEF), a not-for-profit healthcare charity to improve educational resources and training for healthcare professionals in developing countries.
At least 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to the most basic healthcare. The new non-profit foundation, Global Health Education Foundation, aims to tackle such issues. As President of GHEF, Dr Kermani is supporting the R&D focus of the charity to reduce health disparities among developing countries. In particular, the lack of appropriate educational resources and training opportunities for healthcare professionals. http://www.globalhef.org

BioPlan Associates' Managing Director Eric Langer

Eric Langer, Managing Partner: On Advisory Board of “BioProcess Asia Pacific Conference” July 2010 Singapore.
The Biopharmaceutical market in Asia pacific is growing at a rate among the highest in the globe. This is creating a strong need for production of biopharmaceuticals at higher qualities and volumes. Bioprocess AsiaPacific brings together global leaders within biopharmaceutical industry to explore dynamic strategies, benchmark technologies and analyze sustaining the growth of the industry. http://fleminggulf.com/conference/life-science/BioProcessAsiaPacific.

Publications, Reports & Books

Advances in Large-Scale

“This new ASM Press study provides a clear view of what the ‘industry’ perceives to be the future of biopharmaceutical manufacturing”


  • 1,224 Pages
  • 94 authors
  • 34 Chapters
  • 18 Reviewers
  • 290 Figures & Tables
  • 1,345 References
A Comprehensive Study of the Science, Technology and Business of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Published by the ASM Press [American Society for Microbiology Press] and BioPlan Associates, Inc., November 2007.

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  1. Frontiers in Bioprocessing: 2007
  2. The Science for Biogenerics: Are We There Already?
  3. Maximizing Productivity in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  4. Increasing Performance of Mammalian Expression Platforms
  5. Cell Line Engineering and Development: Case Studies
  6. Design of Large-Scale Cell Culture Process
  7. Challenges in Biopharmaceutical Scale-up to Production
  8. Large-Scale Microbial Production Technology for Human Therapeutic Products
  9. Microbiological Methods in Support of Manufacturing
  10. Initial Protein Recovery Process
  11. The Scaling Up of Fermentation and Primary Recovery Processes of Soluble Protein Antigens
  12. Scale-up of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation
  13. Good Automation Manufacturing Practice (GAMP)
  14. Advances in Improved Expression of Recombinant Proteins in Microbial Systems
  15. Design of Large-Scale Cell Culture Process —A Process Engineering Point of View
  16. Protein Stability, Solubility and Solute Interactions
  17. Launching New Biologics: A Process and Facility Design Approach
  18. Disposable Technologies for Manufacturing of Biologics
  19. Managing Large Volume, Single Use Disposables
  20. Optimization of Antibody Processing: Upstream and Downstream
  21. Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography
  22. Implementation of Membrane Technology in Antibody Large-Scale Purification
  23. Development of Viral Clearance Strategies for Large-Scale Monoclonal Antibody Production
  24. Downstream Processing: Removing Economic and Technical Bottlenecks
  25. Purification of Monoclonal and Genetically Engineered Antibodies
  26. Regulatory Environment for Follow-on Biologics
  27. Post-Approval Changes for Large Scale Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: Global
  28. FDA and Regulatory Issues in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  29. Strategic Issues: Capital Investments
  30. Pricing Issues for Biotechnology Products
  31. Economics of Scheduling, De-bottlenecking, and Cycle Time
  32. Intellectual Property Considerations in Scale-Up of Biomanufacturing Processes
  33. Forecasting Industry-wide Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity Requirements
  34. Worldwide Therapeutic Protein Production Capacity
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