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Expression Systems Set To Dictate Future of Biopharmaceutical Industry

3 December 2008
For Immediate Release
Contact: D Elizabeth Stanley
BioPlan Associates, Inc.

Expression Systems Set To Dictate Future of Biopharmaceutical Industry
New study shows inefficiencies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing hampering competitiveness. This new cutting edge report by BioPlan Associates examines the problems, offers solutions, and profiles options.

Rockville, MD- 3 Dec 2008 - There is no denying the innovation that biotechnology has brought to the field of drug development since its adoption in the 1970s. Recombinant DNA technology has been used to develop antibodies, cytokines, hormones and vaccines for use in tackling and diagnosing a range of disorders. At present the market for biopharmaceuticals is booming and is growing twice as fast as the market for mainstream pharmaceuticals.

Nevertheless, BioPlan Associates new report entitled Biopharmaceutical Expression Systems and Genetic Engineering Technologies: Current and Future Manufacturing Platforms, shows the foundations of this success are not as robust as the industry thinks. The industry relies on a small handful of expression technologies, yet today there are 40 multi-platform technologies, and over 400 new expression systems available.

"There are now over 630 biotech drug products and vaccines in clinical trials, targeting more than 200 diseases, which would suggest a bright future for biopharmaceuticals,"explains Eric Langer, Managing Partner BioPlan Associates, Inc. "However, the lack of investment in new expression systems could undermine the R&D strategies of most companies if they do not address the problem soon."

The BioPlan Associates report reveals that since the 1970s, there has been little basic change in the technologies used for commercial-scale manufacture of biopharmaceutical products. Virtually all current products are being manufactured by the same old, familiar technologies - primarily using Esherichia coli (E.coli), Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells and the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S. cerevisae) as hosts.

This lack of progress is baffling as there have been genuine advances in terms of platform technologies that offer companies significant advantages. This includes not just multiples or even orders of magnitude improvements in product yield, itself a major revolutionary advance, but also improved product quality, and lower operating and infrastructure costs. Furthermore, in such a competitive field, these technologies can provide a route for innovators to make their products unique - essentially difficult or impossible to copy.

"Our report not only shows where the gaps are in terms of expression systems, but how companies can act to fill them," comments Eric Langer."There is still time for companies to improve their position but they must act fast, as the window of opportunity may not last long."

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By the Numbers:
315 Data-packed pages
439 Monographs
286 Companies profiled
40 Multi-platform technologies
71 Bacteria and prokaryotes, 42 Yeasts , 28 Mammalian
Dozens of Plants, Insects, cell-free, human, chicken, hybridomas & more
Scores of vectors, promoters, selection and amplification methods, chaperones, etc., for commercial-scale biomanufacture.
About BioPlan Associates, Inc. BioPlan Associates, Inc. is a biotechnology and healthcare marketing research and publications firm based in Rockville, MD. The company has worked internationally with biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies of all sizes since 1989. Clients receive the information needed to make market-based strategic decisions and drive business results.

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